Our Services

Our Core Workload is Structural steel and timber design

We design a considerable amount of steel beams for new openings formed within load bearing walls for kitchen alterations, forming one room from two smaller ones and gaining access into new extensions. However, if it is necessary to remove more wall than is permitted by the Building Regulations, a portal frame is required to replace the stability lost as a result of removing the wall. This acts a "goal post" which transmits the wind loads safely to the ground.

Although our workload is generally structural beams and loft conversions, we do have the experience and the design software to tackle more complex structures such as this one. This is the steel frame for a dance studio over a car park access located in Cambridge. There was not sufficient space to design a loadbearing masonry construction as this would interfere with the access. Therefore a full steel frame was designed to support the studio and the roof above. Due to the sprung floors and the design loads the requirement was for the secondary structure to relatively stiff. The internal storey height was taken into the roof space to provide as much volume as possible.

Steel frame supporting external wall, roof and floor