Ford Lane

The existing split-level building was a poor 1970’s conversion of a very ordinary coach house. Apart from very basic routine maintenance the dwelling was untouched. The client bought the property as a development project and wished to increase the accommodation to such an extent that a further storey was required.

Ford Lane

We worked very closely with the Developer during the design process to provide a pleasing and yet practical design that was visually pleasing and simple to construct.

In order to provide the accommodation to an acceptable standard, care had to be taken to blend the new dwelling into the existing street scene. This was achieved by setting the new roof line lower than the adjoining property and ensuring the dormer windows were an appropriate size, scale and location within the new roof.

We continued our involvement during the construction of the proposal providing advice and consultation on unforeseen issues and ensuring that the work was in accordance with the approved plans.

The finished project was not only a complete transformation of the existing property but also created considerable interest upon completion that resulted in a very quick sale.

"The additional first floor and alterations completely transformed this property"

Ford Lane before