Foundation Gym

This project was to provide a Dance Studio extension to the existing Gym. The property block is multi use, with two shops, two flats and a Gym all being served by a rear car park. The planning permission for this project took almost two years to secure and the only issue that was not raised was the size of the extension!

Foundation Gym

The main issues that delayed the Permission related to traffic surveys and sound attenuation that would be generated from the studio. Just as one obstacle was being resolved another one was being raised, but with careful negotiation the Permission was given for the extension.

The Building Regulation Application dealt with issues such as sound insulation between the Dance Studio and the adjoining first floor flat and the ‘means of escape’ in case of fire. The second issue resulted in the originally designed external fire escape being enclosed.

Three years after the scheme was first discussed with the client, the Dance Studio now operates in complete balance with the surrounding community.

"Considering the scale of the new extension, it blended into the existing area much better than the Council originally thought"

Foundation Gym structure